Sensible Solutions

Common sense is supposed to be just that. An innate solution for the everyday problems that come up in your life. Your life experiences should give you a basic idea of how to get something done, but since so many of you Floridians don’t have that common sense, I figured I could do myself (and the whole state) a favor by sharing some of my common sense solutions to everyday problems.

I first got the idea to start a blog when I realized how much common sense my students were lacking. I am a driving instructor and see hundreds of teenagers every year. But this latest one took the cake when it comes to a lack of common sense. 

See, back in my day, cars were a lot different. Car seats didn’t have to be rear-facing, we didn’t have seat belts, and the traffic laws were all really relaxed, but the kids today have grown up with these fancy cars with all the bells and whistles, including rear view mirrors

Now, you would think, having grown up with rear view mirrors, this girl would have an idea of their purpose and how they work. As part of our driving test, we take the kids out a couple of nights so they can get a feel of what it’s like to drive on the roads at night, and in the rain. 

But this girl was absolutely clueless. She was complaining about having trouble seeing because the headlights behind her were so bright. I just kind of stared at her in disbelief. Isn’t that what the switch on the rear view mirror is for? The darn thing just flips and diverts the light so it isn’t directly in your eyes! 

She stared at me, really confused about what I was talking about, so I reached up and pushed the button for her. She started laughing saying she always wondered what that was for. She might have found it funny, but to me it’s just another example of today’s youth having a complete lack of common sense. 

Throughout this blog we’re going to cover a wide variety of problems with common sense solutions. At some point, we may get into more complicated problems that don’t always have common sense solutions, but it’s important to remember that EVERY problem has a sensible solution, you just have to be determined enough to find it.