How to Get Your Kids to Stay in Bed All Night

Everything is new when you have kids, so we’re going to take that into consideration when we look at how you raise and care for your children on a day to day basis.

Things that work for some families, may not work for others. For example, maybe your kid would relax and play in his pack and play, but for another family the kid would always try to climb out of it, which is dangerous.

Back when I was working with a Tampa car accident lawyer, I worked long hours and the only time I had to spend with my kids was right before they went to bed. I read that routine was key for kids and bedtimes. So, I would come home and we would have dinner as a family, and then start our bedtime routines.

Remember, this was my first baby, so we had to tweak the bedtime routine over and over again until we got it right. My wife would nurse her while I picked out a book and got her pajamas out, then I would give her a bath and put her diaper and pajamas on. I’d then read her a story or two, turn on her mobile, and she would go to bed easily.

But then she became a toddler, and as you probably know, toddlers have no mercy. Our bedtime routine was more or less the same. Only now she was in a toddler bed and didn’t have a mobile. She was afraid of the dark, so we got her a little night light, but she kept pulling it out of the outlet. So we had to get one of those lights that fasten to the wall and you tap it to turn it off and on.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Then, she decided she wasn’t going to stay in bed at night any more. She started leaving her room and I would spend hours telling her she needed to stay in bed. Finally, I got a baby gate and put it across her bedroom door so she couldn’t get out. 

That worked until she was about three years old and began to climb over the gate. At that point, she was old enough to understand that she had to stay in bed. We got her a doll that lit up blue for bedtime and would turn purple at six am when it was acceptable for her to leave her room. 

It sounds easy, but this was a challenging and difficult process for my wife and I. This may not work for you, but the key to parenting is to keep trying new things until you find a solution that works for you and your family, because trust me, there is one.


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